Nightingale Hospital launches new City clinic

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Nightingale Therapy City, Tokenhouse Yard

Nightingale Hospital, London’s only private mental health hospital, today launches its outpatient therapy service in the City, following a 20% increase in the delivery of its outpatient therapy from 2014 to 2015.

Working with city mental health alliance the hospital has noted a rise in the numbers of busy, stressed out City workers requiring mental health treatment and the new City unit has launched in response to this high level of demand. Often these patients are high performing individuals who seek perfection in their work, and home lives, and who are struggling to cope with the stigma, or perceived stigma, of having a mental health condition.

Nightingale’s new City services will provide for the growing demands to support mental health among City workers and provide discreet treatment options for individuals with conditions such as burnout, stress, depression, anxiety and addiction. Although the issues involved are complex, these are the most common problems that come with the intense demands of high pressure work environments.

Dr William Shanahan, consultant psychiatrist and Medical Director at Nightingale Hospital, comments “Often when pressures and expectations in the work place start to build, pre-existing feelings of anxiety can be accentuated. Nightingale’s new City services hope to help people capitalise on their strengths and use them to better understand and re-organise their feelings.

Jessica Johns-Green, counselling psychologist, says “Nightingale’s new City services will support the increasing number of patients which I am seeing with burnout and stress, many of whom have seemingly very ‘together’ lives. These individuals operate at a very high level professionally but are often struggling underneath the surface; they are concerned about how these struggles might be perceived by colleagues and family, which does little to abate the situation.”

The new therapy centre has been designed to best serve City workers requiring outpatient care, with the standards set at Nightingale’s well-established Marylebone hospital. For those requiring further treatment, the main hospital has specialist inpatient and day-care services with a highly trained multidiscipline team that can create tailor-made treatment programmes. This will enable joined-up care between the new therapy centre and main hospital, where necessary.

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